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This service can help you perform ordinary listserv commands.
If you are not yet a subscriber, or were unsubscribed due to problems with your internet provider, go to our AutoSub page.

Please fill in your name and the e-mail address that you are subscribed under, and select the AutoHelp service you wish from the list below. AutoHelp will automatically compose, address and send an email message for you to accomplish the desired service. Click the submit request button at the bottom of this page to send the command.


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MAIL (receive individual messages)
NOMAIL (temporarily stop receiving any messages)
DIGEST (the day's messages grouped into 1 large mailing)
NODIGEST (switch from DIGEST mode, back to receiving individual messages)
INDEX (a list of the day's messages only)


(switch from INDEX mode, back to receiving individual messages)

OR do one of these:    
  Get your account settings
See if Listserv is up (It'll send you a reply if so)
Sign off of the list (UNSUBSCRIBE - use only if you are not coming back)
Request an instructional reference card of Listserv commands
Request a copy of the FAQ
Request a copy of the Posting Guidelines
Get a list of the subscribers (REVIEW)

Change the email address that your subscription to our list should go to.

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(this page last updated 1/14/2006)